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Just a Little Bookish by DazedJahkari Just a Little Bookish :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 3 8
A Last Conversation
She passed through the halls of the palace silently, her dark robes trailing behind her, as though she were a messenger of Death come to bring the beings that still clung to the falling empire with her to the afterlife. How sumptuous the place had once been, how elegant and how bustling with energy, she thought as the sounds of her footsteps echoed through the now-deserted halls.
Now, there was nothing.
They had become too proud, too blind. They could not see the warning signs for the glint of the sun in their eyes, and thus they had been stricken down for their hubris. She had known, had always known, that this would come, but even she couldn't predict the specific events, nor could she do anything to alter them. It would be impossible for anyone, god or mortal, to stop the very design of Time itself, so she was left to watch in silent heartbreak as destiny cruelly marched onwards.
Yet now, at the very least, the time for watching had passed in a catastrophic climax that swept those s
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 2 6
The Fall of Pride - Part 1
Just because she knew it was coming—had known, for years, a nagging foreboding in the back of subconscious—did not make watching the reality of it come true any easier. Even the Black Witch could not watch the demise of so much that she loved in secret without her protective layer of frost thawing.
Her first indication that this was coming had been when she was a child, too young to properly understand yet old enough to have the memory haunt her nightmares. Burning, everything had burned—blind emotion had let it burn, without any regard for the history that would be lost to it. Feelings she could not understand at that age, when she still felt nothing. Even so, it had become a refrain in her dreams and her visions. Recently, it had become so pronounced that even when she closed her eyes, the destruction flickering behind her eyelids.
Of course, recently, she had begun to understand. That hadn't truly helped. If those closest to her had noticed something different in her
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 2 9
Introducing Kaia by DazedJahkari Introducing Kaia :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 9 Glasswork by DazedJahkari Glasswork :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 1 11 Steampunk Costume Take 1 by DazedJahkari Steampunk Costume Take 1 :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 2
Quickwrite: Masterpiece
Andrea regarded what he called his masterpiece with eyes that shown with mixed emotions. It was beautiful, in its jarring, symmetrical, human-yet-inhuman way, and she could see reflections of her own appearance in it. Her hands had become its hands, her neck its neck. Subtle hints of her own person immortalized.
Her eyes gazed at the masterpiece without truly seeing it anymore. She had stared at it for so long she no longer could see the material thing, but only what it meant. What it meant for her.
Much of it was not her. The build was too idealized, too elongated, and there was that terrible symmetry. Perfectly matched eyes, perfectly symmetrical nose, perfect lips. Perfect. So perfect, it was glaringly inhuman, now that she truly considered it. It was a doll, meant to be admired for its delicacy, played with when its owner was bored, and imagined to be living without truly being alive.
It was not meant for what he intended it to be.
Andrea knew this, had tried to tell
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 2
Quickwrite: Paths and Matches
Wren watched the twins from her perch in the lonely sycamore, hidden from the casual observer by the dappled shadows its leaves cast upon her. While she hid, they were mischievously rearranging the traditional totems that marked each member of the tribe’s tent: Wren saw them switch Dragonfly’s with Cicada’s and Heron’s with Owl’s, then watched as they switched around their own Coyote and Jackal and finally as they moved her own Wren totem with the leader’s Hawk. She raised an eyebrow at this move, seeing the trick for what it was. If she hadn’t been enjoying her invisibility, Wren would have laughed at both their cleverness and their mischievousness.
Not only did they switch about their own totems to throw the scent off of themselves, they had gone and switched Wren’s with the leader’s, in effect making her the only one who could enter the leader’s tent according to the traditions. With a smile, Wren nodded her approval as she thought,
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 1 0
LOOK A BANDWAGON LET'S JUMP by DazedJahkari LOOK A BANDWAGON LET'S JUMP :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 0 Ma Desk by DazedJahkari Ma Desk :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 7
Random Ch: Viviana's Journey
The Hall of the People was unlike any building Viviana had ever been in before. It was opulent and majestic, with gold gleaming from columns, mosaics adorning the ground underfoot, and rich fabrics draped from windows or covering furnishings. Artwork hung from the walls, pieces depicting glorious moments from Sheyett’s history. Leaders of the past looked down sternly, portrayed to the tiniest detail in their finest gowns or uniforms. It was enough to make her feel as though she was too small, too insignificant in her simple buttercup gown, to mar the Hall’s perfection with her tawdry presence.
If she was to judge by the expressions on the faces of the people around her, however, she was the only one feeling this way. Nobles, wealthy merchants, and famous artisans and performers walked through the hall towards the main chamber, heads held high as though the only reason the fires in the jeweled sconces burned was to cast light upon their riches.
Chiffon and silk seemed to be th
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 1 2
Aika Cosplay by DazedJahkari Aika Cosplay :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 3 13 I CAN HAS PLUSHIE? by DazedJahkari I CAN HAS PLUSHIE? :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 1 12 Phoenix Rising by DazedJahkari Phoenix Rising :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 1 2 On the Prowl by DazedJahkari On the Prowl :icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 4
Bittersweet Pt. 1
I watched as Eve stirred- no, prepared her coffee. She was keenly focused on adding the exact right amount of sugar and milk. Apparently, she had memorized exactly how many ‘seconds’ worth of milk and sugar she liked, so she counted softly, the movement of her lips the only thing that showed she was speaking at all.
“One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand… there.”
I laughed. It was just so amusing, how seriously she took this coffee ritual. “Eve, you’re completely OCD sometimes. You do realize that, don’t you?”
She looked up from the dark liquid (she hadn’t added the milk yet) with just her eyes and smiled at me, her hazel eyes teasing. “I’m not sometimes OCD. Sometimes my OCD is triggered. You should get it right, Alex.”
I couldn’t help but laugh yet again. She smiled, satisfied by my reaction to her comment, and went back to preparing her coffee. Now it was three seconds of milk,
:icondazedjahkari:DazedJahkari 0 2

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I discovered Netflix instant streaming has all three seasons of Avatar.

I maaaayyyy have just watched all three seasons of Avatar in a marathon session (or I may actually be at Sozin's Comet, but other than that I have watched everything).


(This is to remedy the fact that I could not go on either of the beach week festivities I was invited to/the fact I have very few friends that want to hang out. XD)

Anyway yeah. I graduate in three days.

Thank. God. So. Very. Done.
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